Month: November 2020

low-cost funeral options are available

What Are Low-Cost or Low-Income Funerals?

A price of $7,000 to $10,000 is daunting to many but crippling to others. Low-income individuals have a hard time arranging funeral services for their loved ones, as honoring their loved ones while keeping costs low is a tough bridge to gap. But there are low-cost options available. What’s the Lowest Possible Funeral Cost? The

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final expense insurance don't expire, so it's long-term coverage

Is Final Expense a Short or Long-Term Form of Coverage?

The question as to how long one is meant to have final expense coverage lies in how short and long-term coverage are defined. After defining, final expense insurance will be discussed in terms of what features would need to be altered in order for it to be the appropriate choice, and why it suits the

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Funeral costs aren’t tax-deductible for individuals

Are Funeral Costs Tax-Deductible?

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 21 May 2024 Funeral costs are substantial, and how the issue of taxes might come into play is a frequent question. This will address what can and cannot be done based on the individual and the services.In Which Cases

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final expense insurance provides financial relief for your beneficiaries

How Does Final Expense Help Your Beneficiaries?

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does make life easier. And it provides peace of mind! But the final expense death benefit is more than just an amount of money left. It’s a gesture. Leaving something behind for your loved ones powerfully symbolizes your benevolence toward them. Financial Relief for Funeral and Personal Expenses You

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by knowing your funeral rights, you can make your own arrangements

What Funeral Rights Do You Have?

Funeral rights protect you from being taken advantage of as a result of unscrupulous business practices. This enables you to get your funeral the way you want it, while also giving you full knowledge of what you are paying for. Your Right to Know – Funeral Planning and Costs Funeral planning rights revolve around who

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Child insurance riders have a death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000

Should You Get a Child Insurance Rider on Your Final Expense Policy?

In the event of your child’s death, you won’t have the extra burden of steep funeral costs. Child insurance riders have a death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. When you’re grieving this loss, the last thing you need is your debt kicking you while you’re down. However, there are specific requirements that must be

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learn about the features of a final expense policy

What Added Features Can a Final Expense Policy Include?

Final expense insurance policy benefits don’t end when you join a policy. You can attach additional benefits known as riders. Riders come in different forms and present their own advantages and incentives for joining. Riders are worth looking into if these supplemental options apply to you. The Types of Riders Riders include: Accelerated death benefit

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final expense is a type of life insurance designed to pay funeral costs

Does Life Insurance Cover Funeral Expenses?

Life insurance encompasses several types of insurance, and this can also translate to the extent of what their death benefits may cover. How Final Expense Relates It is important to realize final expense insurance is a type of life insurance. It’s often left out of the discussion, but it must be covered in order to

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see who's legally responsible for paying funeral costs

Who’s Legally Responsible for Funeral Costs?

The one(s) responsible for funeral payments depends on other circumstances. Payment is based on who has the ability to fund the funeral. The burden does not fall on one person each time. This can be seen as an “if not x, then y” form of responsibility appointment. Another way to visualize this is to think

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final expense death benefits overlap funeral shipping costs

Does Final Expense Cover Funeral Shipping Costs?

Why is funeral shipping necessary? Death can happen anywhere. For some, death occurs far from their hometown. This can be states away, or it could be across the world. But your family does not live there, and the likelihood of them being able to attend the funeral in that other city, state, or country is

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