Month: December 2020

read about what a "graded" final expense policy means

What Is a Graded Final Expense Policy?

Final expense policies are one of the best ways to ensure that your end-of-life expenses will be covered. Enrolling in a final expense policy is a way of preparing for the future and acknowledging multiple situations that can occur. Final expense policies can be used to cover funeral and burial costs, but the death benefit can

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a level final expense policy is the most affordable plan available

What Is a Level Final Expense Policy?

Final expense insurance exists to cover some of the end-of-life costs that can occur. Selecting the right final expense policy is important, as it can have a substantial financial impact. Let’s discuss what a level final expense policy is and what it could mean for you. About Level Final Expense Policies There are different types of final

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you should buy insurance for your parents as a gift

Should I Buy Burial Insurance for My Parents?

Burial insurance is an excellent way to plan ahead and greatly reduces the financial burden burial can cause. Burials can be expensive, and there may be more costs associated with them than you realize. Buying burial insurance for your parents can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re prepared and can provide

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apply for burial insurance through a private company or independent agency

How Do I Apply for Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is sold through private insurance companies. Let’s discuss applying for burial insurance and what you should keep in mind when going through the process. Apply with a Private Company. Or Through an Agency Like Us! Applying for burial insurance is an important decision, but the application isn’t the first step of the process. Before

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health insurance and Medicare do NOT cover funeral costs

Does Health Insurance or Medicare Cover Funeral Costs?

Funerals can be expensive, so you may be wondering if your health insurance or Medicare can cover some of the costs. In most cases, funerals are not covered by health insurance policies. The families of the deceased will need to shoulder any costs incurred. Purchasing final expense insurance is an excellent way to help with those costs

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you still need final expense if you’re donating your body to science

Do You Need Final Expense If You Donate Your Body to Science?

Should You Donate Your Body to Science? Donating your body to science is an important decision. Those that choose to donate their body to science may do so because they want to make a difference and continue their legacy. If you choose to donate your body to science, there are a few benefits that should be noted.

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it's possible to cancel a funeral insurance policy

Can You Cancel a Funeral Insurance Policy?

Yes, it’s possible to “cancel” a funeral insurance policy. However, this is not recommended and can have large financial impacts. Enrolling in a funeral insurance policy is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. This is partly because “canceling” a funeral insurance policy will mean that you’ll lose all of the money you’ve

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work with an insurance broker to save money on final expense

How to Save Money with Final Expense

Final expense insurance is an excellent way to be sure that your funeral and burial costs will be covered. Enrolling in a final expense policy can provide you with peace of mind and take some financial burden off your loved ones. Being knowledgeable about final expense is important in making an educated decision, so let’s go

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A low-cost cremation is entirely possible

What Is a Low-Cost Cremation?

Most of us are familiar with cremation, but did you know that it can be rather expensive? Not only can cremation be costly, but funerals tend to be thousands of dollars, and end-of-life expenses can be financially draining. If you’re worried about these costs, know that there are options available. Let’s discuss what a low-cost cremation means.

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