Month: February 2021

final expense insurance is a type of whole life insurance

Final Expense vs. Whole Life Insurance

Final expense and whole life insurance are similar, but there’s a difference that makes them ideal for separate demographics. We will look at what you can do with the death benefit, how to get the most out of your policy and examine how a final expense candidate might not be right for a whole life

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submit a claim to get your death benefit reimbursement

When Will My Beneficiaries Receive the Death Benefit?

When you pass away, arranging funeral payments becomes an urgent matter. Funerals typically take place anywhere between two days and two weeks, so your beneficiaries will need to get the death benefit as soon as possible. Funeral costs often require an upfront payment. But here we’ll look into what goes into receiving the death benefit.

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when planning a funeral, it's important to consult others

Top 3 Tips to Follow While Planning Your Funeral

Planning your funeral is one of the most detailed plans you’ll ever make because it will be one of your last. There’s only one shot at getting it right because once you’re gone, there’s no going back. Here are some tips for making funeral planning faster, easier, and much less intimidating. 1) Coming to terms

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some final expense policies have waiting periods and some don't

Does Final Expense Have a Waiting Period?

Waiting periods are common for many insurance policies due to financial reasons. However, there are some policies that don’t have waiting periods at all, and some have waiting periods where benefits are still accessible to a lesser extent. Here, we will explore scenarios in which final expense insurance has a waiting period. The Logic Behind

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we'll explain how final expense differs from term life insurance

Final Expense vs. Term Life Insurance

Final expense insurance and term life insurance are both low-cost insurance options. Both of them have a death benefit that gets paid upon the policyholder’s death. But here we’ll see that there are many stark contrasts between these two, and in the end, you can see which is the right one for you. Who Are

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have you heard about the senior final expense program?

What Is the Senior Final Expense Program?

The senior final expense program allows you to have a quality policy where you can leave your loved ones a small fortune without having to spend a fortune. Signing up is a quick and easy process, no medical exam necessary. You’re given two options for the kind of plan you’d like, allowing you to have

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here are three scenarios where final expense is right for you

In What Scenarios Would Final Expense Be Right For Me?

You may have heard about final expense insurance, but is it right for you? Like anything else, it’s not right for everyone. If final expense is right for you, then it’s going to be an incredible policy that will suit you perfectly. Scenario 1: Everything else is covered, but you need extra help with paying

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there are different factors that could keep you from buying a final expense policy

What Could Keep Me From Buying a Final Expense Policy?

Since there are different types of final expense policies, there are different prohibitive factors standing in the way between you and a final expense policy. There’s traditional, graded benefit, and guaranteed benefit. How you feel about a policy’s costs and benefits, and your ability to meet the requirements both come into play here. Final Expense

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final expense insurance typically covers funeral costs like burial or cremation

What Final Expenses Are Typically Covered by Final Expense Insurance?

What final expense insurance covers depending on how you define “cover”, the death benefit size, and the reason why the policy was initially purchased. Any way you look at it, final expense insurance can only help. Defining “Cover” This term can be interpreted in one of two ways – complete and partial coverage. Because Final

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