Are There Final Expense Plans For Families?

While there are no final expense policies available for families, people most often take out final expense plans for themselves so that their loved ones will have an easier time paying for their funeral expenses. It’s also possible to get a final expense policy for a family member with their permission if they currently have no plan of action to help cover their funeral expenses, medical bills, etc.

Why get a final expense policy for others?

Once a loved one passes away, you will be in charge of paying funeral costs. Not everyone has enough in savings to cover a funeral, and thankfully, final expense insurance has a way of filling that financial void.

It is common for individuals to take out final expense insurance policies on their aging parents, who may not have an insurance policy of their own. Final expense insurance is a great route here because even though this policy may not be for your own funeral, it offers an affordable option for you to provide assistance.

How is this possible?

Getting a final expense policy on the behalf of another person is only possible if there is insurable interest. Insurable interest is when that person’s death results in a financial loss for you. Hence why your options for purchasing a policy are limited to yourself and your loved ones.

Your loved ones may be an insurable interest for a variety of reasons. If you are getting final expense insurance for your children or parents, their deaths will result in a financial loss by virtue of you having to pay funeral costs. If your spouse passes away and he or she had previously helped pay household expenses, then you incur a financial hardship for bills and funeral costs.

The next is that your loved ones have to consent to you getting the policy for them. Not only do they have to provide a signature approving the policy, but they also have to provide the insurance company access to medical records. Providing medical records makes the process easier, as well as allowing for policies with lower premiums. If they refuse to allow the company to access medical records, then your only option would be to get a more expensive policy in which there is a 2-3 year waiting period in place.

What other benefits does this provide?

Since you are paying for everything, you can name yourself as the beneficiary. This goes back to insurable interest – naming yourself as the beneficiary absolves you of the financial hardship that you will go through if your loved one dies. You can also name other beneficiaries. Overall, final expense insurance is relatively low in cost, so this is an affordable way to ensure that your finances will be protected once your loved ones pass.

Get final expense for them from us

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