Can I Get Final Expense if I’m a Stroke Victim?

Written by Kim Wilhelm

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Last Updated 14 Jun 2024

Yes, you can get final expense insurance if you are a stroke victim. Final expense is available to almost anyone regardless of age and even in poor or chronic health.

Stroke victims and their loved ones have a lot on their plate—making decisions and plans is far more stressful than before. And, strokes are often completely unexpected. Making preparations is almost impossible. So, what can you do?

Life insurance is a way to guarantee coverage of important costs, healthy or otherwise. But what can you do when life insurance companies reject you for coverage because of pre-existing conditions? Plans like whole and term life require essentially perfect health for eligibility, so, with a recent stroke, cancer or heart attack, they are not an option.

The Benefits of Final Expense Insurance For Stroke Victims

There is hope—final expense, a type of life insurance, is available to almost anyone regardless of health or age. This includes those with preexisting, chronic, or terminal health conditions, including stroke victims.

When you purchase a final expense policy, you are purchasing a death benefit. This is a sum of money to be passed along to chosen beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death. These beneficiaries will then use this money to pay off the agreed-upon expenses.

For final expense, the death benefit can fall anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000. You can use it for any costs you choose—the most common, however, are funeral costs, medical bills, credit card payments, and estate taxes.

How Stroke Victims Qualify for Final Expense—Guaranteed Issue

How does a stroke victim qualify for final expense? When you sign up for a policy, you will have two types of plans to enroll in—guaranteed issue and simplified issue.

With a guaranteed issue policy, you will be able to sign up without any consideration of your health. Without any knowledge of a stroke, they cannot turn you down for coverage. This is fantastic for stroke victims, their families, and anyone suffering medical problems that would otherwise disqualify them from life insurance coverage.

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The Difference Between Simplified and Guaranteed Issue If You Had A Stroke

What, then, is simplified issue? With this type of final expense policy, your eligibility is determined by a process known as medical underwriting.

Best Life Insurance Companies if you've had a Stroke

  1. Prosperity Life Insurance - Best if you had a Stroke
  2. Mutual of Omaha - Best if you had TIA's (mini-strokes)
  3. Liberty Bankers - Best if you had an Aneurysm
  4. American Home Life - Best for Blood Clots
  5. Independent American - Best for 24 months after Pulmonary Embolism

* The "best company" depends on other health factors as well as age, state of residency, and coverage desired.  For your best chance to be approved with low rates, speak to one of our experienced insurance professionals.  

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Rather than skipping health considerations altogether like guaranteed issue, medical underwriting asks very easy “yes” or “no” questions regarding your health history.

This process is still much easier than the eligibility process for other insurance policies. However, stroke victims should note that they will very likely not be eligible for simplified issue—guaranteed issue is a significantly easier policy to qualify for under these conditions while still providing identical coverage.

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Why Stroke Victims Should Consider Final Expense

Final expense insurance is by far the best and easiest life insurance policy for stroke victims. Not only are you insured, but you will also be able to pay off vital costs so that your loved ones aren’t left to figure it out on their own. If you are the loved one of a stroke victim, consider a final expense policy for both of your well beings and peace of mind.

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