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How Can I Qualify for Final Expense Insurance?

Easy qualification is what makes final expense such an appealing option for anyone looking for an insurance policy that will leave something behind for their loved ones. Despite the easy qualification, not everyone can get the same premiums. And some will be subject to waiting periods while others won’t. Here, the question is not whether

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Do Final Expense Premiums Increase As I Age?

Insurance premiums work differently depending on the type of insurance policy you enroll in. Annual rising costs are a significant concern because, initially, affordable insurance plans become expensive to the point where one has no choice but to surrender the policy. And with surrendering a policy, you’re left with an empty bank account, and your

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Does Final Expense Have a Cash Value?

Final expense insurance does allow for a cash value to build because it’s a form of a whole life insurance policy. However, the savings must accrue, and there are some things to keep in mind when you want to borrow against the cash value. What is a cash value? A cash value is a feature

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if you want life insurance but don't qualify based on age or health, FE is for you!

Why Do I Need Final Expense?

You might need final expense if you want life insurance, but don’t qualify for other coverage based on your age or health. You Might Need Final Expense if… Final expense insurance is geared towards older individuals and/or those with a serious or pre-existing health condition(s). This simply means that, unlike other types of life insurance,

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final expense policies are some of the easiest plans to get approved for

Are There Requirements to Meet to Get a Final Expense Policy?

No, most providers don’t have requirements to get a final expense policy. There are certain limits to consider, but you’ll almost certainly be eligible for one. Requirements for Final Expense The requirements for final expense are very minimal. The only thing you have to worry about, however, is age—most policies require you to be within

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there's no time like the present for young adults to purchase life insurance

Can Young Adults Purchase Final Expense Insurance?

Yes, young adults can purchase final expense insurance. But do they need it? Can they benefit from it? Here’s a closer look at these questions and more. What Is Final Expense? Final expense is a type of life insurance policy. It provides a payout, or death benefit when the policyholder passes away. This payment can

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look for final expense insurance later in life or when your health worsens

When Should I Start Looking for a Final Expense Policy?

Final expense policies are perfect for older or poor-health individuals who can’t qualify for other insurance. So, the best time to start looking is when you meet these conditions. Final Expense and Other Insurance The three main types of life insurance are whole, term, and final expense life insurance. When you purchase whole life insurance,

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you can use final expense insurance to pay estate taxes

What Can Final Expense Insurance Be Used For?

Final Expense plans can be used for a large variety of small costs after the policyholders death. Funeral Expenses On average, funerals cost anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. Very few people want to leave these expenses to their loved ones when they’ve passed on, and certainly no one wants to cover them out-of-pocket. One of

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don't be concerned about the low payouts of FE policies

Three Common Concerns About Final Expense Insurance

Even though final expense is a great insurance option, some people have concerns over the payout, pricing, and eligibility—but there’s an answer to these issues. 1) Low Payouts Compared to Other Plans Like all life insurance plans, final expense provides a death benefit, or payout, to chosen beneficiaries upon the policyholder’s death. You can set

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final expense insurance has a different emphasis than universal life

Final Expense vs. Universal Life Insurance

Each life insurance policy has its own appealing qualities, with different mechanisms in how it works. Some allow you to have a plan that will always stay with you if you pay your premiums, and others have unique investment features that you can take advantage of through the duration of your policy. Here we will

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