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cost of final expense insurance

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Factors influencing cost Final expense insurance isn’t a single cost. Payment is designed in such a way that it is set according to factors such as: Age  Gender Lifestyle Medical history Impact of each factor The younger you are, the less you will need to pay, and the more likely you’ll qualify, similar in the

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Is final expense insurance right for you?

How to Determine if Final Expense Insurance is Right for You

Final Expense Eases Financial Burdens Death is an uncomfortable topic to broach, but it is a reality that we will ultimately face. Your death will leave both an emotional and financial impact on surviving friends and family members. Your passing may mean your family members will struggle financially with bills that you once helped them

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we'll help you find a policy with no waiting period

How to Get A Burial Insurance Policy with No Waiting Period

Burial insurance is a basic kind of life insurance coverage. Some life insurance types contain some waiting periods, which usually occur the first two years after you activate a policy. However, most people seeking final expense insurance can qualify for a plan that has no waiting period.  What Is a Waiting Period? A waiting period

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final expense insurance can help you cover funeral costs

Your Options When Paying for a Funeral

In the U.S., the average funeral can cost around $7,000 up to $20,000. These are general estimates, but getting a ballpark number will help you start the planning process. While thinking about your funeral can create uneasy feelings, it never hurts to be prepared. You also don’t want to leave the responsibility to your loved

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