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benefits and drawbacks of cremation

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cremation

What do you do when you’re faced with a tough decision? Many people like to make a list to see if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Planning your funeral isn’t the most glamorous subject. However, if you don’t plan ahead, your family could argue over what to do when you pass, creating unwanted conflict. Should

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Burial Vaults

Burial Vaults: Do You Need One?

A burial vault is a container, often made of concrete, that surrounds a coffin to help keep a grave from sinking. Most cemeteries have rules that require burial vaults for caskets, but federal law doesn’t require you to choose one. However, graveyard operators typically stress the importance of vaults to keep the ground level and

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Social Security and Funeral Planning

Does Social Security Pay Anything Towards Funeral Expenses?

If your loved one has recently passed away, you may be wondering about Social Security benefits for a funeral. In general, Social Security doesn’t pay for cremation or funeral services, but it depends on the situation. You may be able to get a one-time lump sum death benefit — which you can use to help

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Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a Funeral During the Coronavirus — Things to Know

If you’re planning a funeral during the current pandemic, your funeral director should follow the latest instructions from the National Funeral Directors Association and the CDC. Social distancing will be practiced during visitations and funerals. But there are things to be mindful of when you make the actual funeral arrangements. Here are some expectations and

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there are pros and cons of prepaying for a funeral

Should I Prepay My Funeral?

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 27 Jan 2022 When you plan your funeral ahead of time, you can save your family a lot of stress. But doing careful planning doesn’t mean you have to sign a prepaid plan.     Are prepaid plans safe? Final Expense Direct

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the social security funeral benefit is $255

What You Should Know About Funerals

When a loved one passes away, it’s often a sad and overwhelming stint for the family. They must make many decisions and take care of many details in a short amount of time. If you neglected funeral planning in advance, your family would have to do it on short notice. Don’t let your family go

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direct cremation is cheaper than a burial

10 Questions to Ask When Planning a Funeral

For many people, funeral services are a way of saying a last good-bye. For others, funerals are a sense of closure. It may surprise you that they can cost between $7,000 and $12,000, on average. But, how you spend your money and plan your final arrangements is totally up to you.  When you’re price shopping

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there are many ways to save on funeral costs

Ways to Save Money on Funeral Costs

Written by Kim Wilhelm CEO | Licensed Insurance Agent CEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelines Verified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 27 Jan 2022 You may know that the average cost of a funeral is between $7,000 – $10,000. Even basic funeral expenses can be hard to afford, and there are often add-ons.    However, it’s common

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