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you can make funeral plans at any age

At What Age Should You Plan Your Funeral?

The decision to begin making a funeral plan can be difficult but is incredibly worth it. If you’re wondering when you should begin, know that there’s no specific time. As life can be unexpected, it’s always better to start making a funeral plan sooner rather than later. Beginning early will give you time to think, and those decisions

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funeral plans are a great way to prepare for the future

What Are the Benefits of a Funeral Plan?

Funeral plans are an excellent way to share your wishes and take some pressure off the ones you love. Creating a plan for your funeral not only allows your loved ones to carry out your wishes but gives you control. Planning your funeral can provide you with peace of mind and give those close to you an

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by knowing your funeral rights, you can make your own arrangements

What Funeral Rights Do You Have?

Funeral rights protect you from being taken advantage of as a result of unscrupulous business practices. This enables you to get your funeral the way you want it, while also giving you full knowledge of what you are paying for. Your Right to Know – Funeral Planning and Costs Funeral planning rights revolve around who

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veterans can choose how their funeral will be conducted

How Do I Plan a Veteran’s Funeral?

Veterans go out of their way to support this country and therefore should get a memorial service that highlights and honors their contributions. Veterans themselves have the power to choose how their service will be conducted. That includes where the burial takes place as well. Unlike the general public, veterans can be buried in one

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final expense policies can help cover the funeral service you want

What Is a Horse and Carriage Funeral?

A horse and carriage funeral is arguably the most elegant type of funeral service possible. This style of funeral is a sophisticated and unforgettable event for everyone in attendance. With final expense insurance, this is not out of reach. You ought to be remembered the way you want to be remembered, and as one of

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burial vs. cremation

Burial vs. Cremation: Cost Differences

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 14 Apr 2024 The choice between burial and cremation is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make regarding your funeral planning, but one of the biggest factors that can conclude your decision on this is the Funeral cost of

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Ask an Insurance Agent: Do I Need to Be Embalmed?

Making decisions and talking about your end-of-life wishes are not the most desirable tasks. However, preparing in advance will help leave your loved ones with fewer burdens after you’re gone. There are many variables to consider when you plan for your final arrangements. Did you know that a final expense insurance policy could help cover

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benefits and drawbacks of cremation

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Cremation

What do you do when you’re faced with a tough decision? Many people like to make a list to see if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Planning your funeral isn’t the most glamorous subject. However, if you don’t plan ahead, your family could argue over what to do when you pass, creating unwanted conflict. Should

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Burial Vaults

Burial Vaults: Do You Need One?

A burial vault is a container, often made of concrete, that surrounds a coffin to help keep a grave from sinking. Most cemeteries have rules that require burial vaults for caskets, but federal law doesn’t require you to choose one. However, graveyard operators typically stress the importance of vaults to keep the ground level and

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Social Security and Funeral Planning

Does Social Security Pay Anything Towards Funeral Expenses?

If your loved one has recently passed away, you may be wondering about Social Security benefits for a funeral. In general, Social Security doesn’t pay for cremation or funeral services, but it depends on the situation. You may be able to get a one-time lump sum death benefit — which you can use to help

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