you still need final expense if you’re donating your body to science

Do You Need Final Expense If You Donate Your Body to Science?

Should You Donate Your Body to Science?

Donating your body to science is an important decision. Those that choose to donate their body to science may do so because they want to make a difference and continue their legacy. If you choose to donate your body to science, there are a few benefits that should be noted.

Cremation Is Free

If you donate your body to science, your cremation will be free. As cremation can sometimes be expensive, this is an excellent way to cut costs and still be cremated. Bodies used for science are only utilized for a few weeks, then their ashes are returned to their loved ones.

If you want to be cremated but not donate your body to science, then a final expense policy can help cover those costs. Consider a final expense policy as a way to provide for a cremation and funeral service.

Why Enroll in Final Expense?

If you want to be cremated and donate your body to science, you may be wondering if you should still enroll in final expense. Final expense covers more costs than just cremation, and those should be taken into account when selecting a policy. Final expense can cover funeral costs, as well as debt that remains after a person has passed away. Medical bills are another large cost that can be covered by a final expense policy, so enrolling is an option that will provide for multiple different situations.

You should enroll in final expense because it covers a wide variety of areas and provides peace of mind. If you’re concerned about the financial burden you may leave on your family after passing, consider a final expense policy as the solution.

Did you know? Final expense is about more than just burial or funeral costs. Final expense insurance provides financial relief for your family, as they can use it to pay for your medical bills, student loans, credit card debt, and more! If you anticipate having any of these things, or would like to make provisions just in case, consider buying a final expense policy.

When choosing final expense insurance, consider the costs that could arise after your passing. Being prepared is a gift that you can give yourself and your loved ones, so consider how a final expense policy could help out.

Even if you’re donating your body to science, you may still have costs that remain. A final expense policy can help cover those costs and provide financial relief for your beneficiary. Contact an insurance agent to discuss the possibilities that a final expense policy holds.


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