Final Expense Insurance For Cancer Patients

Does Final Expense Cover Cancer Patients?

Final expense insurance for cancer patients is an option. Even if you are currently in treatment or going through remission, you will be able to find final expense coverage. If you were recently diagnosed with cancer or are a long-term survivor, here is what you need to know about finding final expense insurance. 

What Is Final Expense Insurance 

Final expense insurance, or burial insurance, is a type of insurance that is designed to provide your family with enough money to pay for your funeral and any other expenses associated with your death. To acquire final expense insurance, you will need to go through an underwriting process wherein you will answer questions about your health condition. Once you are qualified, you must pay monthly premiums for the term of the policy. In many cases, final expense insurance is permanent, meaning it will last for your entire lifespan, but some policies only cover you up to a certain age. 

Can I Get Final Expense Insurance If I Have Cancer?

If you have cancer, you aren’t automatically disqualified from obtaining final expense insurance. When you speak with an insurance company, you will be asked whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, whether the cancer has had metastasis in other parts of your body, and if you’ve ever been advised to receive chemotherapy or radiation therapy. If you answer yes to any questions in these categories, you may have some trouble getting coverage, but it won’t be impossible. 

Most insurance companies require you to be in complete remission for at least two years before you can enroll in a final expense plan that offers immediate coverage. If you have had any form of cancer within the last two years, you will likely only qualify for guaranteed issue burial insurance. Keep in mind that most insurance companies will check your prescription history, meaning if you’ve been taking any cancer treatment medications within the last two years, they will assume you are still being treated for cancer. 

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance For Cancer Patients

Guaranteed issue final expense insurance is final expense coverage that doesn’t require a medical exam or health underwriting. Because the requirements are so lax, guaranteed issue policies are often more expensive and they usually have lower death benefits. Guaranteed issue policies should only be pursued as a last resort, as other options are usually more equitable. Though, if you’ve had cancer, this type of coverage may be your only option for life insurance. 

We Sell Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Insurance

If you have exhausted your other options for final expense insurance, we can help you find coverage. Even if you have had cancer, you deserve to have your final expenses paid for. Just call Final Expense Direct to get started with a free quote. You can contact us at 1-877-674-0236. 


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