some final expense policies have waiting periods and some don't

Does Final Expense Have a Waiting Period?

Waiting periods are common for many insurance policies due to financial reasons. However, there are some policies that don’t have waiting periods at all, and some have waiting periods where benefits are still accessible to a lesser extent. Here, we will explore scenarios in which final expense insurance has a waiting period.

The Logic Behind Waiting Periods

Waiting Periods refer to the time between when you sign up for a policy and when it goes into effect. The insurance company is taking a chance on you. They put themselves at risk when releasing death benefits. If they were to release thousands of dollars at once without getting any form of payment, it wouldn’t be long before that company would no longer exist.

In the eyes of the insurer, someone in poor health isn’t going to be able to pay enough in premiums to justify releasing a large death benefit. The company has other policyholders to account for. So, the reason why companies are reluctant to issue a policy to someone with health issues is that other people wouldn’t be able to get the death benefit they signed up for.

Some Final Expense Policies Have No Waiting Periods

This is particularly true if you are in a favorable condition. If you’re healthy and are just now meeting the minimum age requirement of 45 years old for final expense insurance, you’ll easily land a policy with no waiting period.

One Version of Final Expense Has a Waiting Period, with a Catch

The idea of paying for something that may not end up going toward anything is enough to keep some from joining a policy with a waiting period. But if you’re not in the best nor the worst health, there is a happy medium for you. Graded benefit allows your beneficiaries access to a portion of the death benefit if you happen to die during the waiting period (30-40% in the first year; 70-80% the second year).

Guaranteed Issue

Guaranteed issue final expense insurance has a waiting period that you must survive, or else your loved ones will not get the death benefit. This period lasts two years. This kind of final expense insurance is mainly for those who have no other choices for life insurance. Those with terminal illnesses, for instance, would be candidates for a policy like this.

Want to Know What Kind of Waiting Period You Might Have?

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