Does Health Insurance or Medicare Cover Funeral Costs?

health insurance and Medicare do NOT cover funeral costs

Funerals can be expensive, so you may be wondering if your health insurance or Medicare can cover some of the costs. In most cases, funerals are not covered by health insurance policies. The families of the deceased will need to shoulder any costs incurred. Purchasing final expense insurance is an excellent way to help with those costs and take some of the financial burdens away.

Medicare’s Death Benefit

Medicare does provide a death benefit in some cases. However, this money is not intended to go toward funeral costs and is recommended to cover any medical bills that were not previously paid. Medicare’s death benefit will not cover the full sum of the medical bills, typically covering 80%.

Getting Medicare’s death benefit requires a few things. Paperwork will need to be filled out, and you must prove that the individual was eligible to receive a death benefit. Medicare has laid out a list of qualifications that must be met, most of them, depending on the family that has survived the deceased.

The death benefit that Medicare provides is not intended for funeral costs. Some Medicare Advantage plans allow the beneficiary to allot an amount of money for their funeral costs, but that’s not a guaranteed part of Medicare.

About Health Insurance

Health insurance exists to cover medical costs, which a funeral is not. This is why health insurance policies do not typically include provisions for funeral costs. If you want to enroll in insurance that could cover the costs of a funeral, consider purchasing a final expense policy.

Interested in a Final Expense Policy?

Final expense policies are an excellent way to set aside money that can be used after the passing of the beneficiary. Following their death, the person they’ve designated will have access to their death benefit, which can be used for a variety of costs. Their remaining debt or medical bills can be paid with this money, as well as funeral and burial costs.

If you want to make provisions for your funeral, enrolling in final expense is one of the best ways to do so. Ensuring that your family will be able to afford the funeral you desire can be secured by enrolling in an insurance policy like final expense. If you have questions about whether a final expense policy is right for you, reach out to us today.

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