Smokers can still get a final expense insurance policy

Final Expense Insurance: Information for Smokers

Many folks assume that they can’t get a final expense policy if they’re a smoker. But this assumption is wrong. As a smoker, there are some things you should know and expect when applying for final expense insurance

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

It’s a category of whole life insurance tailored to help your family pay for your end-of-life expenses. The policies are usually smaller than traditional life policies, around $50,000 or less.  

It can cover your funeral and other related expenses, like the service, burial, casket, headstone, or cremation if you prefer that. You can also structure your policy to help your family cover hospital costs and other debts you may have.

How Insurers Determine If You’re a Smoker

Final expense insurance normally doesn’t involve a medical exam, but you’ll be asked questions about your health. They’ll ask you whether you’ve smoked cigarettes, in any capacity, in the past year. It doesn’t matter how many cigarettes you smoke daily. Unfortunately, if you’ve only had one cigarette in the past year, you’re still labeled a smoker and are liable to smoker rates.

Smoking vs. Other Forms of Tobacco 

Each company interprets tobacco use in different ways. Some insurers will piece all tobacco products together, while others only pay attention to cigarette usage. 

Other types of tobacco products include:

  • Chewing tobacco (dip)
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Smoking cigars   

People who use these products may not have to pay smoker’s rates because they don’t present the same risk. According to the CDC, smokers’ life expectancy is at least a decade shorter than for nonsmokers. Therefore, they’re riskier to insure.  

What a Smoker Can Expect to Pay

The smoker’s rate differs from company to company. In general, you can expect to pay 30% to 50% more for a similar insurance policy.  

The average cost is between $40 and $60 per month for nonsmokers — if you take out a final expense policy for $5,000 to $10,000. Your age and the amount of coverage you want are the most significant determinants of your premiums.  

How to Get Final Expense Insurance as a Smoker

The process is the same, whether you’re a smoker or a nonsmoker. When you call us, you can get rates from many different companies to compare the costs and coverages. You must be honest when providing information for quotes because this accurately shows your real risk to the insurer. If you lie about smoking habits, your policy could be altered or canceled altogether. 

It’s also better to buy earlier than later. As a smoker, your premiums will be much higher the older you are.  

Quitting Can Help Get You Better Rates

The CDC reports that if you quit smoking before turning 40, it lowers the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by nearly 90%. Quitting smoking not only enhances your health, but it also helps you obtain better insurance rates. You’ll need to be smoke-free for a minimum of 12 months to qualify for non-smoking rates.     

Don’t Delay Getting Coverage

The longer you delay getting coverage, the more your premiums will increase. Many folks promise to quit smoking, but they keep postponing, saying they’ll start tomorrow or the next week. Don’t wait! Let the prospect of getting an insurance policy now serve as extra motivation to quit smoking.

Find Out How You Can Get Your Rates Reduced

If you currently smoke, you’ll be liable to smoker’s rates. You could get a lower price, though. As mentioned, you’ll need to quit smoking and remain smoke-free for at least one year. Once you reach this goal, you may talk to your carrier about how to get a reduced rate. It might be smart to determine how you can get your rates lowered before you apply for a final expense insurance policy. 

Get Help from Final Expense Direct

Final expense insurance allows you to look out for your family even after you’ve passed. If you’re a smoker, that doesn’t exclude you from getting a policy. Let us do the work for you. Final Expense Direct will shop around to help you secure the best possible coverage and rates. Call 1 (877) 674-0236 today. 


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