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How to Get a Policy with No Waiting Period

Final expense or burial insurance is a basic kind of life insurance coverage. Some life insurance types contain some waiting periods, which usually occur the first two years after you activate a policy. However, most people seeking final expense insurance can qualify for a plan that has no waiting period. 

What Is a Waiting Period?

A waiting period is when a policyholder must sit tight before getting some or all of their coverage. The insurance company may enforce the period, which is two years or more, based on the cause of an applicant’s death. Was it a deliberate suicide or an unfortunate accident? In most cases, suicide disqualifies the benefits from being paid out. 

The policyholder may not obtain benefits for claims filed during this time. Waiting periods are also called graded death benefits, elimination periods, and qualifying periods.

Why Do Waiting Periods Exist?

Waiting periods are established to protect the insurer so that they can investigate the information provided to them and contest a claim.    

Sometimes consumers provide false information, or they’re not asked the proper information on the application. The waiting period is implemented to avoid unethical practices or a lack of thoroughness on the insurer’s part.  

What If You Pass Away During the Waiting Period?

If you were to pass away during this time, your beneficiary generally gets only the value of paid premiums. More importantly, the funeral arrangements would not be covered.

What Is a Partial Waiting Period Policy?

Partial waiting period plans give you instant partial coverage. The carrier might issue a portion of benefits if you passed away during a two-year waiting period. The first year will be 30-40% of the face value, and the next year will be 60-70% of the face value. After two years, you’ll get 100% coverage.  

A Policy with a Waiting Period Is a Gamble

It’s best to only apply for companies with a no-waiting or partial waiting period. You don’t want to take the risk that your final expenses won’t be covered. 

Many Insurers Will Cover Pre-Existing Conditions

Many life insurance companies will cover many pre-existing conditions — generally with no waiting periods or a partial waiting period. These include Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, plus related conditions, such as:

  • Angina (chest pain)
  • Aneurysm (enlargement of an artery)
  • Blood clots
  • Amputation
  • Cirrhosis of the liver 
  • High blood pressure
  • Congestive heart failure
  • And more

Keep in mind that no two carriers are the same. Each has a list of conditions that they may or may not accept.

Work with an Insurance Agent

To escape the waiting period altogether, work with an insurance agent like the ones at Final Expense Direct. We’ll do the research and help you find a company that fits your needs.  

Looking for Low-Cost Final Expense Insurance?

If you’re looking for low-cost final expense insurance, you’ve come to the right place. We offer no waiting period plans and guaranteed coverage plans, meaning your pre-existing conditions won’t be a problem. Call Final Expense Direct at 1 (877) 674-0236.


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