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Written by Kim Wilhelm

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Last Updated 01 Mar 2024

Have you seen the life insurance commercial with former football coach Mike Ditka? He acts as a paid spokesperson for Life Insurance Savings Group, promising you a great deal on guaranteed life insurance.

Life Insurance Savings Group is an independent organization offering life insurance products, much like Final Expense Direct.

But, do they really offer what they say they do on the commercial?

We reviewed their website and product offerings and found some surprising things you’ll want to know before you decide to work with Life Insurance for Seniors offers life insurance for seniors between ages 45–85. According to the commercial, you can get guaranteed approval for up to $25,000 — and you can get it as cheap as $5 a week!

Sounds like a great deal, but is it true? Funeral Insurance Options

When you check out, they give you two options for funeral insurance: simplified issue or guaranteed issue.

Final expense funeral insurance is a great solution for seniors. If you’re healthy enough, you can get cheaper rates by answering a few health questions on the application. This is simplified issue funeral insurance.

If you have several health issues or are in poor health, you can get guaranteed issue. This funeral insurance policy doesn’t have any health questions. Just apply and you’re approved. Final Expense Insurance Companies

What final expense companies does partner with? We don’t really know, because the website doesn’t tell you.

You can see company logos on the front page for:

So we assume these are the companies Life Insurance Savings Group partners with to offer its clients final expense insurance.

You can scroll to the bottom of the page to find out that Life Insurance Savings Group is an affiliate of SelectQuote Insurance Services.

So while you might get final expense insurance from the companies listed above, it looks like you actually have to go through SelectQuote to get coverage. With which company? Guess you’ll have to get a quote to find out.

At Final Expense Direct, we’re transparent about the companies we represent. You can find a page dedicated to those companies right on our website. We also offer quote comparison online from all our carriers if you’d rather not call in for quotes.

We believe in transparency as much as we believe in providing you and your loved one’s peace of mind with a quality life insurance product. Life Insurance Costs

Mike proudly says you can get coverage as low as $5 per week. What a deal!

But that fine print will reveal the truth every time. If you pause the commercial around the 1:30 mark, you’ll see that the $5 per week example is for a 45-year-old female purchasing a United of Omaha (Mutual of Omaha) Living Promise whole life insurance policy.

It doesn’t actually tell you how much coverage you get for $5 a week, but we bet it’s the lowest amount of $2,000. Doesn’t leave much to pay for your funeral, let alone leave something for your family, as Mike says.

At Final Expense Direct, we provide you with real sample quotes for a variety of ages and coverage amounts. They can give you an actual idea of how much you’ll pay for coverage at your age. Check out our age charts and rates for different coverages:

Compare and buy

final expense

Final Expense Life Insurance Quote Online

Can’t I Get Term Life Insurance as a Senior?

Yes, you might be able to get term life insurance as a senior. Depending on your age, you could qualify for up to 15 or even 20 years of coverage, if you’re young enough.

And yes, term life insurance is cheaper. But that’s because it expires after the term is over. And if you’re still alive, then you’re stuck having paid all that money for something you can’t keep.

Plus, most seniors have permanent coverage needs, like paying for a funeral and other final expenses. Term life insurance is great for temporary needs, like paying off debts or replacing income. 

But for most seniors, whole life insurance is the best solution. You get to lock in your rates for life, and as long as you keep paying for the policy, you’ll be covered when the Good Lord calls you home.

How Can I Get Whole Life Final Expense Insurance?

You can get whole life final expense insurance from various sources. Some companies offer policies directly to consumers, but then you can’t compare their quote with competitors to see if you’re getting the best policy.

You could also spend hours getting quotes from different life insurance companies and comparing them. But not only does that take time, there are lots of features built into whole life final expense insurance that differ by each company. Unless you really understand whole life insurance, you could miss out on the best plan simply because you don’t know what to compare besides price and basic coverages.

The best way to get whole life final expense insurance is through an independent broker agency like Final Expense Direct. When you work with an independent broker, they do all the work to get quotes from companies you’re eligible for. They can work with you to compare each quote to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

And the best part about working with an independent broker like Final Expense Direct? It doesn’t cost you anything. We get paid directly from the life insurance companies, so you won’t be out-of-pocket for anything other than your life insurance premium, which is paid directly to the carrier.

Why wait any longer to get whole life final expense insurance for seniors? Get a quote online or call to speak with one of our agents today. 

We’ll gather some information, ask you a few health questions to determine your eligibility, and provide you with quotes from companies that will approve you — regardless of your age or health status

Once you pick the right policy for your needs, we’ll help you apply right over the phone. Most carriers offer an instant answer, so if you’re approved, you’ll have a life insurance policy in place before we hang up the phone! Burial Insurance Pros and Cons

Before you decide to buy burial insurance from, consider the pros and cons of working with Life Insurance Savings Group.


More Than One Life Insurance Option

Life Insurance Savings Group gives you options when you buy life insurance. You can purchase term life or final expense life insurance.

While we usually advocate for seniors to buy final expense life insurance instead of term, it’s not always the best fit for everyone. If you choose to work with, you can pick the type of life insurance that works best for you.

Several Companies to Choose From

Like Final Expense Direct, Life Insurance Savings Group has several companies to choose from for life insurance. 

Going through an independent broker agency is almost always a better choice than going direct with one carrier, unless you want that carrier for a specific reason. 

When you choose an independent broker, you have access to more than one company, which means you can get the best rates for your age, health, and coverage needs. 

The broker does all the shopping for you, and you don’t pay anything extra. All you have to do is choose the company and complete the application.

  • Immediate Approval Over the Phone Today!
  • Speak to a Live Agent 
  • Just a Few Health Questions 


Lack of Transparency

Life Insurance Savings Group lacks transparency on their website. It is very basic, explaining the differences between term and final expense insurance. There is an FAQ section that just answers the most common life insurance questions, but nothing about the company itself.

The broker seems like it’s just a pass-through company for SelectQuote. Why not just go directly to SelectQuote to get a quote and apply for coverage?

Another thing that bothers us is the fine print in the website's footer. The company calls themselves Life Insurance Savings Group, yet the footer at the bottom of the page references Tiburon Insurance Services, which is an affiliate of SelectQuote Insurance Services. 

So, who are you really working with when you choose

Term Life Requires Medical Exam

If you’re interested in term life insurance, you can get it through Life Insurance Savings Group, but you’ll have to complete a medical exam, or physical, to get approved. 

The traditional process is still standard with many companies, especially for higher coverage amounts. But many companies are turning towards simplified issue term life insurance, where you only have to answer health questions but don’t have to worry about the medical exam. And the rates are competitive, so you might get a better rate elsewhere.

Commercial Misrepresentations

If you’ve seen the Mike Ditka commercial for Life Insurance Savings Group and then compared it to what they actually offer, you might see some misrepresentations and inconsistencies.

First off, Mike tells you that if you apply for up to $25,000 in life insurance, acceptance is guaranteed. The narrator then tells you there are no health questions to answer on the application.

Well, that’s true if you get guaranteed issue final expense insurance. Which is a great option for seniors in poor health, but will probably be too expensive for someone in good health. When you go to, you’ll see the truth on the first page, that simplified issue requires health questions.

Sure, guaranteed issue is an option. But the commercial makes it seem like you’re guaranteed to be covered – no matter what.

Mike then tells you that coverage starts as soon as your application is accepted. Well, if you’re approved for guaranteed issue life insurance, that’s not true. There’s a standard 2-year waiting period for these policies with every carrier.

We already touched on the $5 per week part of the commercial. More misrepresentations to get you to call in or go to their website.


Life Insurance Savings Group is an independent company representing SelectQuote. You can get quotes for term or final expense life insurance coverage through But really, you could go to SelectQuote and get the same quotes. Or, you could work with a true independent agency life Final Expense Direct. We work with mostly seniors, offering final expense insurance from some of the most highly rated companies in the country. Give us a call and hang up with peace of mind – and a life insurance policy.


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