Child insurance riders have a death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000

Should You Get a Child Insurance Rider on Your Final Expense Policy?

In the event of your child’s death, you won’t have the extra burden of steep funeral costs. Child insurance riders have a death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. When you’re grieving this loss, the last thing you need is your debt kicking you while you’re down.

However, there are specific requirements that must be met.

Assess the Requirements for You

This is not an automatic “yes”. For you, the insurance companies will only provide this option for those between the ages of 18 to 65. Your insurer in particular may have a different qualifying age range, in which you would only qualify if you add this rider between the ages of 20 and 55.

Assess the Requirements for Your Child

Your child also has his or her own criteria to meet. A pre-existing condition may make this rider sound like a necessity, but in reality, a child with a pre-existing condition disqualifies you from adding a child insurance rider to your plan. Your child must also be between the ages of 15 days to 18 years old. They can be covered under this plan until they are 25 years old. Also, note that this policy only covers your children – not your grandchildren.

A Critical Factor to Consider

Given the narrow parameters, this policy is only going to be ideal for a few people who have final expense insurance.

Consider your child’s age relative to yours. If your children are born right around the time you get final expense insurance, you have cheaper premiums and a larger death benefit. If your child is nearing 18 when you first enroll in a final expense policy, then the additional premium may not be worth it since your child will more than likely be too old to attach to the policy. That, plus the death benefit would already be much lower. On the other hand, if your children happen to be born around the time you are in your 60’s, then their eligibility and coverage would possibly go for longer than your life expectancy. If you were to pass away at this point, your child can inherit your death benefit, and if your child happens to pass away shortly after you do, then the additional death benefit would be a financial cushion. Of course, this is a situation you would not want to happen. Also, note that the odds of having a child later in life only get lower. So, the child insurance rider may only be worth it if you are in an exceedingly rare situation.

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