Top 3 Tips to Follow While Planning Your Funeral

when planning a funeral, it's important to consult others

Planning your funeral is one of the most detailed plans you’ll ever make because it will be one of your last. There’s only one shot at getting it right because once you’re gone, there’s no going back. Here are some tips for making funeral planning faster, easier, and much less intimidating.

1) Coming to terms with the future

Death is inevitable and it’s something most of us do not plan on facing. Part of funeral planning requires confronting the uncomfortable reality that you will pass away one day. And the amount of time it takes before you begin the planning process reflects this. Planning conjures thoughts about your loved ones grieving your death and that you can only fight to live for so long before you lose consciousness forever. It’s no coincidence that funeral planning parallels the five stages of grief, particularly denial and acceptance.

Once you come to terms with this, planning becomes much easier.

2) Gather Your Options

First, assess the funeral homes in your area and see which is best for you. Every funeral home has its own costs and benefits, much like when you’re shopping for insurance policies. Also check to see if they offer any unique services, because you may discover something you hadn’t considered before.

Make lists of everything you want your funeral to be. Think flower arrangements, the clothes you’ll wear, pictures, how the obituary is written, music, and the hairstyle or makeup you want.

If you’re concerned about paying for your funeral expenses, you can benefit from burial insurance. Final expense insurance gives your loved ones peace of mind after you pass away. Your beneficiary gets paid money, which can be used to pay for funeral costs or any emerging needs.

3) Consult Others

Getting others involved is a good idea for multiple reasons – you can get ideas that never occurred to you before, your friends and family feel secure in how your funeral will be carried out because they will know you will have the service you wanted, and getting others involved will make the process go by faster.

Different people have different resources, which saves you the time and effort of compiling all the information yourself. Make sure to consult the funeral home and your insurance company to see which option works best for both your tastes and death benefit funds.

Without your input, your family may be stressed because of having to make such big decisions in such a short matter of time. The time between a person’s death and his or her funeral can be anywhere between two days to two weeks. Your family will be pressed for time and have to make many big decisions about the single aspects of your funeral. This increases the likelihood of them wondering if they made the right choices.

In short, the benefit of getting others involved is a two-way street. It’s faster and easier for you and a form of closure and reassurance for them.

We Can Help You Tackle the Planning Process

Now that the time has come, you’re now ready to plan your funeral with confidence. At Final Expense Direct, we help customers who are going through this very process every day. It’s something we’re well-versed in, and if you are ready to find a final expense policy, call us today at 1-877-674-0236.

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