What Advantages Do Final Expense Policies Have?

Final expense insurance poses many benefits, some of which other life insurance policies don’t offer. If you are having trouble deciding on how you will leave your loved ones a death benefit that can help with funeral costs and other expenses, then final expense insurance is the answer.

The advantages mentioned here show why many see final expense insurance as the perfect policy for them.

It’s easy to qualify for

Most life insurance companies are hesitant to award policies to older individuals. It only makes sense, because life insurance companies insure policyholders in good faith that the policyholders will be able to make enough premium payments so that the company will remain afloat.

Final expense insurance is different – when others turn you away, final expense insurance takes you in. You can get a policy up until the age of 80, and some even provide policies to those who are 85 years old.

No medical exams

Typical life insurance policies require appointments at health clinics. After spending time in a waiting room, you’ll first be called in for an interview consisting of questions about your health and lifestyle. You provide information about your medications, and then they’ll take your blood pressure and draw blood from you. You’ll also have to provide a urine sample.

Final expense insurance doesn’t do anything beyond asking questions. It’s the least invasive way to assess your medical history and current state. This process is also the least time-consuming.

If you are in very poor health and are at an advanced age, you can get a policy that doesn’t require answering any medical questions at all. The catch is, these types of final expense policies often require waiting periods of 2-3 years before allowing your loved ones to receive the death benefit.

Low premiums

The lower premiums are in part due to the relatively low death benefit. Usually, policyholders choose a $10,000 death benefit policy. If you are at the minimum age requirement (which is around 45 to 50 years old depending on the company you purchase a plan from), your payments will typically be no more than $30 per month, which is equivalent to just $1 a day.

For a policy that can leave up to $50,000 to your loved ones upon your passing, its monthly payments are a minimal sacrifice for you.

The death benefit can be used for anything

The death benefit you sign up for is exactly the amount your loved ones will get. While final expense policies are purchased with the intention of covering funeral costs, your loved ones can use them in any way they choose. These funds are also not subject to taxes.

It’s a policy you can get today

At Final Expense Direct, we can find you a final expense policy that offers these advantages. You may not be able to leave your loved ones with a death benefit now, but that can change when you call us today at 1-877-674-0236.


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