cost of final expense insurance

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Factors influencing cost

Final expense insurance isn’t a single cost. Payment is designed in such a way that it is set according to factors such as:

  • Age 
  • Gender
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical history

Impact of each factor

The younger you are, the less you will need to pay, and the more likely you’ll qualify, similar in the way you can qualify for life insurance. The only numeric info here can be estimate-based. Not all final expense policies offer the same costs and benefits for the same person. Age is simply one factor in the equation. That being said, one thing is for certain – costs go up the longer you wait.

According to one sample, based on individuals who joined a policy with a $10,000 death benefit, a male at age 50 would pay a $30 monthly premium. But for that same person, that monthly cost more than triples if he joins at 75, and at that point, the premium would equate to $100 per month.

This leads to the factor of biological sex. The monthly cost for a woman wishing to join the example $10,000 policy at the age of 50 would be $25, and would only need to pay $72 per month if she joins the policy at age 75. This is because it has been scientifically proven that women live longer than men, causing men to be more of a higher risk factor for the insurance companies. In return, men will pay more in monthly premiums.

The impact of lifestyle varies according to the specific policy you purchase. This is up to the insurance company. If, for example, you’re a smoker, you will likely pay more than someone who leads a healthier lifestyle.

Health conditions play a major role – not just in the premium costs, but the likelihood of qualifying for certain policies. If you do not have serious health conditions, you’ll pay a lower premium. But if you have a serious condition, you may pay more for the policies you qualify for.

If you have any questions

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