final expense policies can help cover the funeral service you want

What Is a Horse and Carriage Funeral?

A horse and carriage funeral is arguably the most elegant type of funeral service possible. This style of funeral is a sophisticated and unforgettable event for everyone in attendance. With final expense insurance, this is not out of reach. You ought to be remembered the way you want to be remembered, and as one of your final decisions, you ought to have a funeral that’s done just the way you want it. You may have had to compromise what you wanted throughout your life due to financial concerns, but that won’t happen this time. For small premium costs, you can have a final expense policy that covers the service you want.

How You Can Make This Happen

These services are locally offered, so it is best to search for available companies providing this service in your area. From there, you can make arrangements, ranging from which horse you would like, to the type of carriage (open or closed), and even decor options such as the drapes on the horses. Once you complete the application process, you are well on your way to a funeral service that no one will ever forget. The horse may travel from the church to the burial site, funeral home to church, or the funeral home to the burial site.

One factor to keep in mind is the cost. The rate is typically hourly, and additional charges may come into effect after surpassing a certain mileage.

People Who May Be Interested

This is a ceremonious send-off to someone who was a prominent figure during his or her life. It’s a common style of funeral for someone who has served in office or in the military. This has been a longstanding tradition, and time has shown that this practice transcends eras.

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