learn about guaranteed issue final expense policies

What’s a Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policy?

If you’re beginning to research the final expense policies available, you may have noticed that a guaranteed issue final expense policy is the most expensive type available. This is primarily because it does not require a medical exam, meaning even those with the most severe health problems can still apply.

What Is a Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policy?

A guaranteed issue final expense policy stipulates a certain period of time that must pass before the entire death benefit will be paid. Understanding this time period is very important, as it can directly determine how much of the death benefit is given and the number of funds that are received.

If the death occurs before this allotted time has ended, then the beneficiary will still receive the premiums that have been paid into the policy. This is an excellent feature, as it means money is never wasted on a guaranteed issue final expense policy. Understanding this is important in selecting a policy, as a premium return means that your beneficiary will be receiving something even if the death occurs before the full death benefit issued time is up.

Why Choose a Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policy?

This is the most expensive type of final expense policy, so why do some people choose it? Many people enroll in this type of final expense policy because they didn’t qualify for another type of life insurance policy or believe that they will live long enough for the full death benefit to be awarded.

Knowing that you’re eligible for this type of final expense policy without needing to provide proof of health is one of the most compelling reasons to choose this option.

Still Unsure? Contact an Agent

If you’ve been having health issues or don’t know very much about final expense policies, you may have a lot of questions. At Final Expense Direct, we understand the importance of selecting the right insurance policy and are here to educate you about the many options available. You can make an appointment today to speak with one of our professionals and get your questions answered.

Researching final expense policies can be laborious and daunting, so we’re here to make the process simple.  Making an appointment to speak with one of our professionals is an excellent way to begin the enrollment process or learn more about the options available to you. Don’t hesitate to get the answers you deserve and make an educated choice when selecting the right insurance policy.


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