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Cemetery Plot
Headstone and Engraving
Funeral Service
Legal Fees, probate costs
Physician and Hospital bills
Mortgage, car loans, credit card balances

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Permanent Life Insurance Plan

Our “whole life” plans do not expire after a “term”. Have protection when you need it most! Do not leave thousands of dollars of funeral expenses as a burden. Provide coverage for that day or leave a cash gift for your spouse, children, or grandchildren.

Purchasing a policy for your parents can provide extra financial security against costs associated with their final expenses. You can also purchase a policy for your children or grandchildren as a loving gift of lifetime protection. We compare offers from the top-rated life insurance companies based on your age and current health to get the best plans at the most affordable price, for you! There are a lot of life insurance types to choose from whether you are looking for burial insurance, funeral insurance, or final expense insurance with pre-existing conditions, we can help you find life insurance for seniors

Why Should It Matter To You?

Many people feel that buying life insurance does not help them. After all, the death benefit occurs after a loved one dies. Therefore, one cannot realize any benefit. This is not completely true. You can benefit in a number of ways.

You have the option of donating the funds to their church or a favorite charity. Many people will find that this policy is one of the best tools for protecting their family’s financial future. After all, you may not want to be a burden to your family financially after you have passed. With funeral costs and cremation costs, on the rise, we work hard to help find you the best final expense companies to meet your goals. 

What is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is a whole life policy with low coverage amounts designed to pay for final expenses, like a funeral. Since its focus is to pay for funeral costs, final expense life insurance is often called funeral insurance or burial insurance.

Although some companies offer final expense life insurance to adults as young as 18, it’s mainly marketed to seniors over the age of 50.

Regardless of what you call it, final expense insurance has many benefits for seniors looking for affordable coverage to pay for end-of-life expenses, such as:

  • Coverage ranges from $2,000 to $40,000 or more

  • No medical exam required

  • Simple application with few health questions

  • Approval within 48 hours, most companies offer instant approval

  • Immediate coverage after approval

  • Rates are locked in for life

  • Coverage never decreases or expires, as long as premiums are paid

  • Builds cash value over time

  • Many policies have no waiting period

  • Fast claims payout 

  • Your beneficiary can use death benefit proceeds any way you want

  • All seniors accepted, even those with serious health issues

How Does Final Expense Insurance Work?

Final expense insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit to the insured’s chosen beneficiary after the insured passes away. Once received, the beneficiary can use the death benefit for any purpose, though many seniors buy final expense to pay for:

  • Casket

  • Cemetery plot

  • Funeral service

  • Headstone and engraving

  • Wake or visitation

  • Minister

  • Transportation

  • Legal fees, including probate costs

  • Physician and hospital bills

  • Mortgage

  • Car loan

  • Credit card balance

Not only does funeral insurance relieve your loved ones of the financial burden of paying for your funeral, the death benefit is also tax free. Your beneficiary gets to keep the full death benefit without having to give some to Uncle Sam.

Many final expense insurance companies offer free living benefits, such as chronic, critical, and terminal illness riders. If a doctor diagnoses you with a chronic, critical, or terminal illness, you can access part of the death benefit while still alive to use any way you want.

When you buy final expense insurance, you’ll have to answer some health questions as part of the application. If you have serious health problems, you can bypass the health questions and get guaranteed acceptance coverage by paying a bit more in premium.

How Much Does Final Expense Life Insurance Cost?

Final expense life insurance costs vary by your age, gender, health, tobacco usage, coverage amount, and the insurance company. 

Since rates are based mostly on individual factors, the best way to get accurate final expense insurance quotes is to call Final Expense Direct at 1-800-217-0014.

Why Choose Final Expense Direct?

We work with the best final expense companies, some you may never have even heard of, to get you qualified fast and at the lowest rates possible. As an independent broker, our agents can qualify you right over the phone in just a few minutes, helping you find the best final expense company for your personal needs.

Call us today, or connect online, to get final expense insurance quotes fast. If you don’t know how much final expense insurance coverage you need, our agents can help you qualify for the most coverage at the lowest rate for your age and health.

Why spend hours getting quotes from companies one-by-one, just so they can bombard you with mailers and phone calls trying to sell you on why they’re the best? 

When you work with a broker like Final Expense Direct, we do all the work so you don’t have to. It’s as simple as:

  • Call us at 1-800-217-0014

  • Get connected directly with an agent

  • Answer a few questions

  • Decide on a plan

  • The agent fills out the application

  • You get approved right over the phone

We’re based in Houston, TX, and work with Americans like yourself every day. Let us provide you and your loved ones peace of mind so you can spend the rest of your golden years enjoying your life until the Good Lord calls you home.

Best Final Expense Insurance Companies

Some of the best final expense insurance companies are the ones you’ve never heard of before. Why? Because instead of spending money on advertising, these companies focus on offering a premium product with affordable rates through brokers like Final Expense Direct.

Final expense insurance companies like The Baltimore Life Companies, which offers up to $150,000 in final expense coverage for seniors between the ages of 50 to 80. Baltimore Life gives everyone an immediate death benefit, so you don’t have to worry about a 2-year waiting period, no matter your health status.

Or Pioneer American Insurance Company, our preferred insurer for veterans suffering from PTSD or taking pain medication. Pioneer American offers several ways to customize your policy, including adding family life insurance coverage with a rider for children or grandchildren.

And AIG, offering up to $25,000 in guaranteed acceptance final expense life insurance for seniors aged 50 to 80, even those in poor health or who have been denied life insurance before.

Are you a senior over 80 needing final expense coverage? Mutual of Omaha and American Home Life Company offer competitive rates for seniors up to age 85. Although Mutual of Omaha has a 2-year waiting period, many seniors will qualify for an immediate death benefit with American Home Life.

And that’s not all. Contact Final Expense Direct today to get final expense insurance quotes from over a dozen top-rated final expense companies.