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preexisting medical condition life insurance

Can You Get a Final Expense Policy With a Pre-Existing Condition?

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 24 May 2022 The older you get, the more likely you are to have a pre-existing condition. At Final Expense Direct, we speak with people daily who have some health issues and are looking for life insurance. It may surprise

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final expense policies typically last until the end of the policyholder's lifetime: 10-30 years

How Long Does a Final Expense Policy Last?

Final expense policies, due to the nature of their benefits and structure, typically last until the end of the policyholder’s lifetime, anywhere from 10-30 years. Final Expense as Term or Whole Life Insurance Final expense is a type of life insurance plan. Like all life insurance, then, you make monthly payments and earn a payout

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you can be denied a final expense policy but it's easy to avoid that

Can You Be Denied a Final Expense Policy?

Yes, you can be denied a final expense policy, but it’s very easy to avoid, and very uncommon amongst most insurance companies. What Is Final Expense Insurance? Final expense is a type of life insurance that covers small costs after the policyholder’s death. When you pass away, there are a lot of unexpected things your

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final expense insurance is worth it, and we'll tell you why

Is Final Expense Worth Buying?

Final expense insurance is worth buying if you have serious health issues, are older and not accepted by other plans, and/or want to help your loved ones with small expenses. Final Expense for People with Serious Health Problems Most people with serious health concerns are considered ineligible for a life insurance policy. That isn’t the

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it may be limited but you can use FE policies to cover living benefits

Can Final Expense Policies Have Living Benefits?

You can technically use final expense policies to cover living benefits, but with its smaller payout, it may be a bit more limited than other plans—but not impossible. How Final Expense Payouts Work All life insurance policies provide a death benefit, or payout when the policyholder is no longer living. This money will then go

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