Can You Get a Final Expense Policy With a Pre-Existing Condition?

you don't need perfect health to buy a final expense plan
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Last Updated 24 Sep 2021

Are you wondering if you can qualify for final expense insurance with a pre-existing condition? The simple answer is, 'Yes', you can almost certainly get a final expense policy with a pre-existing condition. In fact, almost all of our customers have some sort of health condition that we match with the right provider of life insurance for seniors

You Don’t Need Perfect Health for a Final Expense Plan

Not every provider of final expense plans considers your pre-existing conditions. Some do—and if you don't have a pre-existing condition, this consideration will likely lower your costs—but not all of them. Pre-existing conditions include issues such as:

In fact, a majority of final expense plans do not, or consider them but still allow enrollment despite it. When enrolling in virtually any life insurance plan, they will want 3 main things:

1. Your answers to health questions

2. Your prescription history

3. A review of your MIB file for any relevant records

When it comes to final expense, however, these answers are used to determine pricing, not eligibility.

What Enrolling in a Plan That Allows Pre-Existing Conditions Means

Enrolling in a final expense plan with a pre-existing condition, then, may mean that you will pay a bit more for coverage than other life insurance policies. At an average $25-$100 premium, they are relatively more expensive.

The medical underwriting process, however, is ultimately far more beneficial than harmful.

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Because of it, some companies will accept you, while others won’t. While this may seem to limit your options, it actually creates healthy competition between providers.

Based on this competition, companies that accept you are forced to offer better rates than their competitors to get your business. You’ll never be short on options, and you can “shop around” and compare local options to get the best possible pricing.

Why a Final Expense Plan May Be Your Best Option

All of that being said, then, final expense plans are one of if not the best life insurance options if you have a pre-existing condition. Most other types of policies don't allow any serious health issues for enrollment. 

Final expense, on the other hand, not only has many providers that will accept you but also allows for far older individuals than other life insurance. These plans aren’t meant to last longer than 5-20 years. So they are, in fact, geared towards those who would otherwise be rejected from other plans.


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Pre-Existing Conditions and Insurance Riders

And, if the benefits provided by your final expense plan on its own are not enough, you can always add an insurance rider that provides beneficial extra coverage to your existing plan.

If you have a pre-existing condition, a rider can help account for sudden needs or changes, such as a long-term care rider, which allows for funds in your plan to go towards healthcare costs.

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