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Last Updated 24 Sep 2021

Final Expense Direct represents the top insurance companies every day on behalf of our customers. If you’re searching for the best prices on a final expense policy, visit our free quote center. If you’d like more information about the best companies, check out this list that includes the carrier’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, company HQ, and phone number.  

How Does Final Expense Insurance Help My Family?

Final expense insurance, also called burial or funeral insurance, provides financial protection for your family after you pass away. When you buy a policy, your family doesn’t have to be stressed about the costly funeral arrangements while grieving your loss. It’s important to research your options to find the one that best fits you and your family’s needs. If you have questions, the team at Final Expense Direct can help!

How Much Does a Final Expense Policy Cost?

The costs differ from person to person based on many factors. In most cases, a medical exam is not required for final expense insurance. The following variables affect the cost of your premiums:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Tobacco use  
  • Family history
  • Current health

Final expense policies are meant to be more affordable for older adults.

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List of Final Expense Companies We Represent   


BBB Rating: A+ 

Company Headquarters: New York, NY 

Phone: (800) 888-2452


BBB Rating: F (lately 5 complaints against the business were not resolved)

Company Headquarters: Kansas City, MO

Phone: (800) 231-0801

American Home Life Insurance Company

BBB Rating: A+

Company Headquarters: Topeka, KS

Phone: (800) 876-0199

Baltimore Life

BBB Rating: A+ 

Company Headquarters: Owings Mills, MD

Phone: (800) 628-5433


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Foresters Financial 

BBB Rating: A-

Company Headquarters: Toronto, ON (USA HQ is Buffalo, NY)

Phone: (800) 828-1540

Landmark Life

BBB Rating: A+ 

Company Headquarters: Brownwood, TX 

Phone: (800) 299-5433

Liberty Bankers Life

BBB Rating: A+ 

Company Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Phone: (800) 745-4927

Mutual of Omaha

BBB Rating: A+

Company Headquarters: Omaha, NE

Phone: (800) 228-7104

Oxford Life Insurance Company 

BBB Rating: A-

Company Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

Phone: (866) 641-9999

Pioneer American Insurance Company 

BBB Rating: A+

Company Headquarters: Waco, TX

Phone: (800) 736-7311

Whatever you think final expense costs...

It's probably less.

No money down • No medical exam

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Prosperity Life Group 

BBB Rating: NR

Company Headquarters: Roanoke, VA

Phone: (800) 848-5433

Royal Neighbors of America 

BBB Rating: A+

Company Headquarters: Rock Island, IL

Phone: (800) 627-4762


BBB Rating: A+ 

Company Headquarters: Cedar Rapids, IA

Phone: (800) 797-2643

*All Better Business Bureau ratings have been updated as of 2020. Here’s how the BBB bases its ratings

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