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The Financial Impact of Final Expenses: How Burial Insurance Can Provide Peace of Mind for You and Your Loved Ones

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 14 Jun 2024 Understanding the Value of Burial Insurance in Protecting Your Family’s Financial Future The thought of one’s own passing can be an uncomfortable and distressing subject for many.  However, death is a natural part of life, and planning

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How to Get A Burial Insurance Policy with No Waiting Period

Burial insurance is a basic kind of life insurance coverage. Some life insurance types contain some waiting periods, which usually occur the first two years after you activate a policy. However, most people seeking final expense insurance can qualify for a plan that has no waiting period.  What Is a Waiting Period? A waiting period

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Average Cost of Funeral Insurance & Final Arrangements in Texas

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 14 Jun 2024 Texas burial insurance, also known as final expense or funeral insurance, is a kind of whole-life policy that protects your loved ones from common end-of-life expenses. Texas policies can cover funeral costs, medical bills, cremation costs,

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What is Considered a Final Expense?

With a name like final expense insurance, most would assume it only has one use. But as you will see, there are a variety of ways to interpret what a final expense is. Final expenses are typically left up to your loved ones, but can also apply to your debts in some cases. Final expense

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final expense insurance typically covers funeral costs like burial or cremation

What Final Expenses Are Typically Covered by Final Expense Insurance?

What final expense insurance covers depending on how you define “cover”, the death benefit size, and the reason why the policy was initially purchased. Any way you look at it, final expense insurance can only help. Defining “Cover” This term can be interpreted in one of two ways – complete and partial coverage. Because Final

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Final Expense Insurance Policy

Are Final Expense Policies Renewable?

Final expense insurance can be a form of permanent life insurance, meaning, in most cases, it does not expire unless you stop paying your premiums. Though, it is possible to purchase final expense insurance for only a set term. If you choose a term-based plan, once that term ends, you will need to purchase a

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Final Expense Insurance Premiums

Do Final Expense Premiums Change Each Year?

Final expense insurance is a form of life insurance that has lower premiums than traditional life insurance policies, like whole life insurance. Lower final expense premiums costs are tied to the fact that final expense policies typically have lower death benefits than traditional policies. Still, if you are in the market for final expense insurance,

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Purchasing Final Expense Insurance

Who Should Purchase Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is not limited to a specific type of person Final expense insurance doesn’t exclude you if you have a severe health condition or if you are at an advanced age. As long as you make the premium payments, your loved ones will receive a death benefit that will ease the burden of

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