Can You Be Denied a Final Expense Policy?

you can be denied a final expense policy but it's easy to avoid that

Yes, you can be denied a final expense policy, but it’s very easy to avoid, and very uncommon amongst most insurance companies.

What Is Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense is a type of life insurance that covers small costs after the policyholder’s death. When you pass away, there are a lot of unexpected things your loved ones may have to figure out on your behalf. 

As the saying goes, insurance helps you to “expect the unexpected.” Or, at the very least, prepare for the unexpected. Final expense can help with costs such as estate taxes, medical bills, funeral planning, and more.

Eligibility for Final Expense

The question, however, is can you qualify for final expense? Or, better yet, will you be denied for coverage? More than likely, no—compared to other life insurance policies, the eligibility requirements for final expense are very minimal.

Most insurance providers accept people up to age 85 for coverage, much older than other policies. And, even with serious and/or preexisting health conditions, you can potentially be eligible for final expense. 

Guaranteed vs. Simplified Issue

There are two different ways you can be considered eligible for final expense—through guaranteed or simplified issue. Simplified issue uses a process known as medical underwriting to determine your rates and potential eligibility.

Medical underwriting for simplified issue is a short questionnaire with basic questions regarding your health. Depending on the provider, specific eligibility requirements will vary. Generally, however, you’ll still be accepted, but may have a higher rate based on your responses.

Guaranteed issue, on the other hand, skips the medical underwriting process entirely. No matter your health, you will almost certainly be accepted for coverage.

What Disqualifies You for Final Expense?

The question is, then, what can disqualify you for final expense? Through the simplified issue system, certain extreme health concerns can be rejected. Just because they can, however, does not necessarily mean they will.

For guaranteed issue, on the other hand, your health shouldn’t disqualify you at all. The one thing that may disqualify you for either simplified or guaranteed issue is age. Between ages 80 to 85, your chance of acceptance is a lot different than if you were younger. And, beyond age 85, you’ll more than likely not be accepted by most providers. There may be exceptions to this, but, for the most part, this will be the case.

However, this is still a much larger age range than most policies. While you may be denied for final expense based on age, you will more than likely not have to worry much about it.

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