Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance, also known as burial or funeral insurance, gives your loved one’s peace of mind after you pass away. Your beneficiary gets paid money, which he or she can use to pay for funeral costs or any emerging needs.

Losing a loved one is a particularly challenging time for a family. Besides grief, many costs come up, such as funeral expenses and medical bills. When you total burial services, the funeral itself, and the vault, it can cost upwards of $9,000. A funeral with cremation is cheaper, but you’re still paying around $6,000, on average.

Who Is Eligible for Final Expense Insurance?

Final expense insurance is typically purchased by people 50 and older looking to manage the burial and funeral expenses for their loved ones. This policy can help the family survive their loss and concentrate on moving forward rather than stressing about burial expenses and money troubles. 

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What Is the Benefit of Final Expense Insurance?

You can expect about $10,000 in funeral costs when you pass away. But it’s important to consider other expenses, too. Some people leave behind unpaid debts, and others may want their ashes spread in a particular place. It would be foolish to assume that Social Security can pay for these things, as the lump sum payment is just $255.

Final expense insurance can fill the holes and cover your loved ones’ financial areas after you’re gone.

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

The cost of a policy depends on your age, location, and health. There are monthly or annual premium payment options available for certain burial insurance policies. Premiums stay the same, and the death benefit is paid as long as you make the payments. 

Available Coverage

The coverage amount also depends on your age and health. We offer final expense life insurance up to $30,000. Coverage available could be as little as $1,000, so there is a broad range.

Why Should I Buy Final Expense Insurance?

If you’re concerned about paying for your funeral expenses, you can benefit from burial insurance. It never hurts to plan, and as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

The burial process often causes doubt and uncertainty. However, you can provide security, comfort, and reassurance to your loved ones by openly discussing your insurance policy.

So, get started on protecting your family from financial burdens that await them when you are no longer here.