Do Funeral Homes Sell Final Expense Policies?

Do Funeral Homes Sell Final Expense Policies?

Funeral homes provide burial and funeral services for people who have died. They can also sell you life insurance before you pass away. This is how to buy final expense insurance from a funeral home. 

What Is Final Expense Insurance

Final expense policies are low-value life insurance policies that you can purchase directly from an insurance company. These policies are normally permanent life insurance, meaning they provide you with coverage for your entire lifespan, as long as you pay the premiums. In some cases, you may be able to find term life final expense policies, but they are far less common. A term life policy will only cover you until a certain age, so permanent options are the more versatile form of coverage. 

Where To Get Final Expense Insurance

Final expense insurance is available from most major life insurance companies. Therefore, the best way to find a policy is by getting in touch with a licensed insurance agent or broker. They will help you collect quotes and identify the best policy for your current situation. 

What Is Pre-need Insurance

If you are hoping to buy life insurance from your funeral home director, final expense is not an option. Funeral homes sell a different type of insurance, called pre-need insurance. These policies are different from final expense policies, because they are intended to give you the assurance that your desired insurance arrangements will be paid for. 

Pre-need insurance is not sold directly by insurance companies, instead funeral home directors, who are licensed agents, will sell you the policies. When you purchase a pre-need policy, the funeral home is listed as the beneficiary, covering the cost of your funeral and burial. The funeral director will also receive a commission for selling you the policy, much like any other insurance agent. 

Your options for pre-need policies are quite limited as well, because funeral homes usually only offer policies underwritten by a single insurance company. This means you won’t have much freedom to compare rates, unless you visit multiple funeral homes. 

Should I Buy Final Expense or Pre-need Insurance?

Some people prefer pre-need insurance, because it is simple and ensures that your funeral expenses will be paid. But others like the flexibility of final expense death benefits. With final expense insurance, your beneficiaries have freedom to use the death benefit for anything they need, while pre-need insurance purchased through a funeral home can only be spent on funeral and burial or cremation costs. This limitation is what leads many people to choose final expense insurance, rather than pre-need coverage. 

Find Final Expense Insurance

If you want a more versatile form of life insurance, start shopping for final expense coverage now. The trained insurance agents at Final Expense Direct can help you find the policy you are looking for. Just give us a call at 1-877-674-0236 to get started with a free quote.


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