cost of final expense insurance

What Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Factors influencing cost Final expense insurance isn’t a single cost. Payment is designed in such a way that it is set according to factors such as: Age  Gender Lifestyle Medical history Impact of each factor The younger you are, the less you will need to pay, and the more likely you’ll qualify, similar in the

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Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Benefits of Final Expense Insurance

Financial safety net Final expense insurance is purchased for the sake of having end-of-life expenses covered. People often join when they begin to make arrangements for their funeral services and other costs. Funerals are not cheap. On average, they range from $7,000-10,000. You may not have enough money left over to pay for these services

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Final Expense Insurance Policy

Can You Have More Than One Final Expense Insurance Policy?

You are not limited to one final expense insurance policy. In fact, having more than one policy can be a good idea because you’ll be able to get greater coverage by default.  The catch is that you must also keep in mind that you should not exceed the benefits that you are capable of obtaining

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Final Expense Insurance vs. Life Insurance

What is the Difference Between Final Expense and Life Insurance?

Life insurance and final expense insurance can often be confused. Both are useful, and both provide a death benefit once you have passed away. But there are differences between the two. Life insurance and final expense insurance at a glance  Life insurance is similar to final expense insurance because both provide a death benefit. But

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Burial Insurance

Is Burial Insurance Worth It?

Burial insurance not only covers the costs associated with burials, but it can be useful for other debts your family may face after your death. By considering burial insurance, you are considering a safety net that can be financially useful for your loved ones so they are not left with big financial costs. So, is

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Is final expense insurance right for you?

How to Determine if Final Expense Insurance is Right for You

Final Expense Eases Financial Burdens Death is an uncomfortable topic to broach, but it is a reality that we will ultimately face. Your death will leave both an emotional and financial impact on surviving friends and family members. Your passing may mean your family members will struggle financially with bills that you once helped them

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Final Expense Eligibility

Who Is Eligible for Final Expense Insurance?

Defining Final Expense Final Expense Insurance is a form of insurance purchased with the idea of taking post-death finances into account.  When you pass away, your loved ones will incur costs such as: Funeral Burial Cremation Medical Other debts, such as loans This is why final expense insurance is commonly referred to as “burial insurance”

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pre-need insurance

Pre-need Insurance: Pros and Cons

Written by Kim WilhelmCEO | Licensed Insurance AgentCEO | Licensed Agent Verified!  See guidelinesVerified!  See our editorial guidelines Last Updated 06 Jun 2023 It may surprise you that many Americans don’t have the savings to pay the costs associated with their impending death. That’s why insurance exists. If you have a group life insurance policy from work, it can pay

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Final Expense Insurance and other Insurance policies

How Does Final Expense Insurance Work with an Existing Policy?

Traditional life insurance and final expense insurance are not the same. However, it’s common to get confused about how they differ. You may wonder, do I need final expense insurance if I already have life insurance? In short, the answer is no. But there are some things to know about your life insurance policy to

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Options for Burial Insurance

Top 3 Options for Burial Insurance

Burial and funeral planning are a key part of any long-standing financial plan. While both can have high costs, burial insurance can help your loved ones sustain the expenses — so they don’t feel overloaded. We’re going to talk about some of your best options for burial insurance. But first, we’ll answer some common questions. 

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