Be Wary of T-2 Form

Written by Kim Wilhelm

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Last Updated 14 Apr 2024

Are you a senior that has received a postcard or form in the mail about T-2 benefit information?

Wondering if it’s a legitimate benefit or just another scam?

We’re here to talk more about the T-2 benefits form targeting senior citizens around the country.

What is a T 2 Form? 

A T-2 form is a postcard mailer that many senior citizens are receiving in the mail. The form looks legit. With the postcard or envelope, the letter comes stamped in big, bold letters “Second Notice, Time Sensitive.”

You open the form and it appears to come from a government agency, stating at the top, “2022 Benefit Information for Idaho Citizens Only.” If you live in a different state, then the form will have your state listed.

Underneath the heading, it states, “As a resident of [state], you are entitled to more benefits not provided by government funds. You now have access to a 2022 state-regulated life insurance program which will pay 100% of all final expenses up to $35,000.”

And of course, you have to fill in information, including:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your spouse’s names
  • Their age
  • Your street address
  • Your phone number

Unfortunately, this is not a real program, nor does the form come from a government office. It comes from a third party mail provider that wants your consumer information.

Before we go into detail about the mail scam, let’s first answer some of the most common questions seniors have about the T-2 form.

What is a Third Party Mail Provider?

A third-party mail provider is a company that sends consumer mailers for marketing companies or mail houses. In the case of the T-2 forms, the third-party mailer is Direct Mail Processing, LLC.

This company, based in Georgia, is not the same as the companies mailing out the request forms. They only process the mail and send it out, they are not affiliated with the companies sending the mailers.

Direct Mail Processing, LLC has an option on their website to opt out of future mailings and to submit a complaint about the mailers you receive. 

If you have received one of these mailers, we encourage you to submit a complaint and opt out. Then, shred the mailer or throw it away.

Does a T-2 Form Come From a Government Agency?

This particular T-2 form does not come from a government agency and is not a tax form of any kind. It actually comes from insurance agents or marketing companies hoping to gather your personal information.

Some seniors think their personal information comes from a state’s database. In reality, your name, spouse’s names, and mailing address are usually in public records databases, which marketing companies can easily access.

All they need is your name and address to send you a mailer. The rest is up to you. 

When you get this “time sensitive” document, it needs to be returned in five days. You might miss the fine print, because you don’t want to miss the deadline for free life insurance.

The reality is, this free program doesn’t exist. It’s just a scammy way to get your approval so they can sell your information.

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What is a State Regulated Final Expense Program?

A state regulated final expense program is a made-up term that companies use to get unsuspecting consumers to give up their personal information. 

The state regulates all life insurance carriers. They must meet specific regulations to sell life insurance in your state. So state regulated final expense life insurance really means that the company selling the product has met the requirements to do so in your state.

While the Government offers certain free benefits, life insurance isn’t one of them. You can review the benefits website to find out what your state has available.

This T-2 form scam is like the United Freedom Benefits scam we talked about previously.

If you ever receive a form or postcard like this in the mail, be sure to read the fine print before you provide your or your spouse personal information. The fine print tells you this is not endorsed or affiliated with any government agency.

You can also use your computer to get online to check the Better Business Bureau website. There, you can often find information about programs like this.

If you check out Direct Mail Processing LLC, on the Better Business Bureau website, you’ll find the company has a 1.14 out of 5 star rating, with 135 customer reviews complaining about this mailer scam.

You can also check the consumer protection division for your state to find out if what you received in the mail is legit.

When in doubt, shred the form or throw it out. Chances are, you just saved yourself from another scam targeting unsuspecting senior citizens.

What Happens When You Send the Card Back?

When you send the card back, what happens is lots of phone calls or more mailers. 

Once you submit your information, you have now given the company prior written authorization to contact you.

And contact you, they will.

 After you submit your personal information, you will receive many phone calls, postcards, and mailers from insurance agents trying to sell you life insurance and other benefits. 

You are now what’s called a lead, and leads like yours are sold over and over again to insurance agents hoping to make a sale.

Just when you think the calls and mailers have stopped, you’ll probably get a new wave. That’s because your personal information has been sold again to another person or company.

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What are Considered Final Expenses?

Final expenses are expenses you pay at the end of your life.

Final expenses can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Outstanding debts
  • Legal costs

Often, seniors only need a small amount of coverage to pay for final expense insurance needs. For many, $35,000 is more than enough, which is why this scam is so successful.

Is Final Expense Insurance Worth it?

Final expense insurance, also called funeral insurance or burial insurance, is worth it for many seniors. 

Funeral insurance doesn’t require a medical exam and only asks a few health questions to qualify. 

If you’re in poor health or were already turned down for life insurance, you can even get final expense insurance without answering any health questions.

Which Life Insurance Companies Offer Final Expense Burial Insurance?

There are many life insurance companies that offer final expense burial insurance

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We won’t send you mailers that look legit, but are nothing more than a scam. We also promise to never sell your personal information or harass you with phone calls.

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